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Smart City Solutions & Business Intelligence Consulting Services

DPC provides measurable outcomes for companies and institutions through a wide range of specialised services. We are one of the leading UK experts in business intelligence consulting, digital transformation, big data analytics and creating innovative smart city solutions.

Progressive Digital Transformation

WASP provides the means to achieve sustained social, economic and technical development by qualifying, quantifying and defining how the gaps between where we are now and where we want to be, can be closed.

Smart City Solutions (Places & Communities)

Create a blue print for smart cities (places & communities) using the latest digital technologies to build a smart social value procurement platform.

Measurable Social Value

WASP provides the means to link the citizen to their built, economic and social environment by delivering a blue print for the citizen centred Smart City and significantly enhancing the city as a place to live, love, work, and play.


A smart procurement platform delivering cost savings with evidenced backed social value.





DPC are currently working on several projects focused on developing social value and smart city solutions for the public and private sectors across the UK. We can also provide the following business intelligence services:


  • Big Data Analytics, Data Audits and Forensic Analysis
  • Digital Transformation Management
  • Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Incubation
  • Web Application Security
  • WASP
Data Performance Consultancy
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