About Us

Brian Bishop (CEO) commenced working on Social Value as the cornerstone of the Smart City concept in 2010 with the formation of The Data Performance Consultancy Ltd (DPC).

The original concept evolved as a result of research conducted by Brian and his team at DPC and the current Smart Cities project is to build a Smart Social Value Procurement Platform (WASP – Workflow Analytics and Social Procurement) with an embedded collaborative social value framework so as to improve service levels and reduce costs within a community (city, town, village). In parallel DPC will develop a perspective of how the public sector can procure and manage their smart applications and services from existing and new suppliers.

By improving the procurement process and replacing systems using DPC’s Smart Procurement Platform the measurable outcomes will help drive direction for economic growth within a locality.

Example: A need assessment reveals that a certain post code region suffers from high pollution. This is identified through environmental sensors and the data fed back into the system. The root cause is identified as high traffic congestion and uses data from Traffic cameras and traffic optimisation software. The root cause being poor traffic management and infrastructure. The budget constraints cannot allow for the rectification of the problem from one department, however using data from health and showing a correlation between respiratory disease and hospital admittances, it can be proved that if the root cause was resolved the impact on hospital admittance would be drastically reduced. The cost benefit would mean that you can utilise budgets from other areas such as the NHS to resolve this issue. This is even more relevant when it comes to devolution.

DPC has been working closely with Liverpool City Council (LCC) and with the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) in the development of a portal to deliver social value measurement across the supply chain. As part of the development process DPC is working with Blackburn with Darwin, Liverpool City Council and AGMA to develop a proof of concept to take the portal from a linear feed to a platform as a services model.

As a result of the research and dialogue with Councils, the Private sector, IT and Technical organisations, DPC are introducing methods for determining social return on investments through the development of algorithms with our academic partners including Liverpool University (Smart City Innovation Hub) Liverpool John Moore’s University (Sensor City) and Lancashire University (Data Science HUB).

The platform is being built to industry open standards and will be hosted and supported centrally by our partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), but can quite easily be built on any infrastructure. In recognition of Brian and DPC’s work to date, and as a result of its initial development of the RSV Portal both Liverpool City Council (LCC), Data Performance Consultancy Ltd were nominated for awards at the inaugural social value summit awards in 2016. Secondly and because of the outcomes of the pilot, DPC and LCC were nominated for the 2017 awards – LCC as an organisation and Brian Bishop (CEO, DPC) for Social Value Leadership for an individual. We are pleased to say, Brian’s social value leadership efforts were recognised, and he was awarded first place.

Additionally, DPC has been approached by international governments who have expressed considerable interest in the SV Platform with respect to their own “public sector” businesses. These countries have included: China, Taiwan, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma.

DPC expects the international interest to develop significantly given the global interest in developing Smart Cities. The DTI and our partner universities are working with DPC to provide access to international decision makers and investors. The Innovate UK fund has already demonstrated interest from overseas investors and potential participants, e.g. Asian Bank.

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